Orange County Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

As Orange County workers compensation attorneys, we represent employees that have had a work place accident or injury. If you are looking for an excellent work place accident injury lawyer, you have come to the right place. We understand your pain. Every year, hundreds and thousands of workers get injured in the workplace. We have won settlements for hundreds of workers compensation cases and we can help you win yours too!

Our firm is headed by Paul Le Chevalier Esq., a seasoned workers compensation attorney in Orange County, California that you can count on. He will passionately represent you while aggressively upholding your rights in court. For immediate assistance, call: (949)-837-2971

Orange County Worker's Compensation Lawyer

Were You Injured at Your Work Place in Orange County CA?

If you were working at an Orange County company and were injured on the job or have recently been diagnosed with an occupational illness, you need to get in touch with our Orange County workers compensation lawyer right away to discuss your case. We can help you with the process of applying for benefits. It’s essential to know about the benefits you deserve and if you are eligible to receive them, based on your circumstance. There are many exceptions to the prevailing rule that you will get compensation only from your employer’s workers compensation insurance. Call us today to find out how it all works, and if you qualify for compensation.

You are Entitled! Know Your Rights!

You are entitled to workers compensation if you were injured by a defective product, or a toxic substance, or because of your employer’s intentional conduct. If your employer does not carry insurance for workers’ compensation, you can sue your employer in civil court. Get in touch with our competent Orange County attorney for work related injuries. Raise your level of awareness on these matters and get the right compensation that you deserve and are entitled to.

When to call an Orange County workers compensation attorney

If you are wondering whether your case qualifies, the best thing to do is call our law firm and ask us; your consultation is free. There are certain circumstances that allow one to file a lawsuit against their employer in civil court. For example, if your employer has hurt you intentionally or has taken some action with a specific intent of harming you, get in touch with a workers compensation attorney Orange County office right away. You also need to get in touch with our OC work place injury lawyers if your employer has inadequate workers compensation insurance or offers no workers compensation insurance at all.

We Will Handle the Process For You

In order to start the lawsuit for workers compensation, there are specific documents that you will need in the state where you live and where the injury occurred. Get in touch with our workers compensation Orange County attorney to file your lawsuit correctly and in the right jurisdiction. It can be fairly complex to file a workers’ compensation lawsuit against your employer. So, make sure that you have a competent and experienced lawyer by your side.

As work-related injuries can create problems not just for the worker but their families, it is very essential to follow the right course in these matters. We are a leading name when it comes to workers compensation lawyers in Orange County and have helped countless victims and their families file the compensation claim process and get the benefits they deserve.

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