Paul Le Chevalier-LJoseph5-27-15-12 copyNobody wants to get injured in an accident but the truth is that it happens – all the time. To make matters worse, the process of securing compensation for your injuries, associated medical bills, legal fees, and the pain and suffering caused by the injury is extremely complicated and not at all easy to navigate without a law degree or the guidance of a qualified Orange County personal injury lawyer.

In Part I of this article, you learned five tips that can help make your personal injury claim a success. Now, you will learn five more tips that, when combined with the guidance of an Attorney at Law experienced in the unique challenges of personal injury law, ensure the best possible chance of receiving the benefits you are entitled to following an accident that resulted in personal injury.

  1. Don’t sign anything you don’t understand. If you are not 100% sure what a document means as it relates to a personal injury you have suffered, do not sign it until you have spoken with a personal injury attorney. Failure to completely understand a document presented to you before signing could hinder your ability to receive compensation for your injuries.
  2. Avoid settling without representation. Settling with an insurance company without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer can be a very complicated process. This is also true when attempting to settle with another private party if that individual has hired a law office to represent him or her. An injury lawyer can help you avoid the costly mistakes that often occur when trying to settle a personal injury dispute on your own.
  3. Filing deadlines are important. Your personal injury claim or lawsuit needs to be filed in a timely manner to ensure eligibility for benefits. For most personal injury claims, there is a limited amount of time to file a claim after an accident has occurred and failure to file within the specified timeframe could result in the loss of benefit eligibility for your injuries. Your personal injury attorney or work injury lawyer can explain these timeframes, also known as a statue of limitations, as they apply to your specific circumstances.
  4. Preliminary research limits confusion. The personal injury claim process can be extremely complicated and the rules governing the process often vary from state to state. You don’t need to become an expert on the claim process but a basic understanding of the guidelines surrounding personal injury cases makes the entire process easier to manage with the help of a qualified accident lawyer.
  5. Choose the right attorney. Not all personal injury attorneys are the same, as some focus in specific areas of law, while other attorneys at law tend to handle more general claims. When considering an auto accident lawyer to hire for your claim, make sure that person has experience working similar cases. A successful claim starts with an accident lawyer that understands the exact nature of your situation and as a result, makes sound recommendations based on past experiences.

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