Questions about your Personal Injury or Worker’s Compensation case


What should I do after an accident?

Check yourself and all others in the accident for injuries. Call “911” for medical help if anyone is injured. Obtain name and contact information for all persons involved in the accident, their insurance information, license plate numbers, the vehicles’ make and model, names and phone numbers of any witnesses. If the police respond and a report is taken be sure to mention any and all injuries you are feeling to the officer. Also ask the officer for the police report number as well as the incident information card in order to obtain a traffic collision report. If possible take pictures of the scene and the damages to all vehicles involved in the accident.

Often you might not feel any pain immediately after the accident, you may be in shock or adrenaline can mask the pain, but don’t assume there is nothing wrong with you; pains often start appearing a day or two after the accident. It is always safest to be checked by a doctor.


What if I’m injured and can’t afford a doctor?

Over the years our firm has developed relationships with many medical professionals, medical doctors, orthopaedists, chiropractors, and other that will treat you on a lien basis, that is, they will wait to be paid until after your case settles.


Should I give a statement to my insurance company?

Our advice to clients is to not give any written or recorded statements to anyone. Insurance companies will often use them against you when it comes to settlement. When speaking to any insurance companies, including your own, be cautious of what you say and never allow it to be recorded. This advice is based on our years of experience working on behalf of our clients with insurance companies.


How much will it cost me?

Our office offers free consultations. Fees on cases that settle prior to litigation are 33% of the recovery and are on a contingency, meaning you do not pay anything out of your own pocket. Payments come out of the settlement; therefore, we are only paid if we are successful in recovering a settlement for you. Our clients will generally recover more from the settlement even after attorney’s fees than if they try to negotiate with the insurance company themselves. If a case requires litigation, meaning filing a lawsuit, a higher fee is customary.


What about the days I missed from work due to my incident?

You are entitled to a Loss of Earnings claim for any days missed. We will obtain proof from your employer regarding the time you missed, your salary and the total amount of pay you lost due to the accident. The information will be submitted as part of the settlement negotiations.


Here are a few good tips…

…use your cell phone to take pictures of the vehicle and of the scene of the incident.
…keep your doctor/s visits consistent. Missed appointments hurt your recovery and the value of your case.